GCG Continues “Building It Better” With Completion of Stormwater Certification

We are proud to announce that Senior Project Manager, Andrew Solon, has recently completed his Stormwater Certification awarded by the National Stormwater Center. The stormwater certification course is designed to help develop a better knowledge of how to properly manage the impacts from solids (TSS), turbidity (NTUs), and nutrients (i.e., nitrogen and phosphorus) and other surface water contaminates.
With this certification, GCG will instill Best Management Practices designed to educate workers on how to correctly install, inspect and maintain BMPs for use during and after construction in order to minimize impacts caused by uncontrolled erosion and sedimentation developing on the construction site. In addition, this will benefit our future ongoing projects within the community with the knowledge our staff has acquired from this course about preventative measures we can take to avoid these issues.
The National Stormwater Center’s courses focus on stormwater inspectors, NPDES permit compliance, and intent of the regulations. The NSC believes that permit compliance is the key to achieving the goals of the Clean Water Act, and that inspectors make the difference. The NSC courses are developed by former Federal and State enforcement officers to create stormwater inspectors who are knowledgeable and who possess the necessary skills and demeanor to be effective in their duties.
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